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International Relations Office

Yulia Igorevna Kalujnaya

Directorate of International Relations


Yulia Igorevna Kalujnaya



44 Kiev Street, Office 213,

Bishkek 720000, Kyrgyz Republic

Tel: (996-312) 43-11-78
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The aim of the International Relations Office is to help fulfill the Strategic Development Plan of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University in education, science and research by promoting international cooperation. The most important means to this end are the efficient management and continued expansion of its bilateral and multi-lateral relations with other academic and scientific institutions and organizations inside the CIS countries and out. The Office is also responsible for establishing a foundation for international collaboration enabling academics and students from KRSU to work together with partner institutions on issues of mutual interest.
The International Relations Office consists of four departments, namely:
Department of International Relations and Analytics: 
  • Preparation and publication for the university’s newsletter ‘The Diplomacy of Knowledge’ annual analytical reports on international cooperation activities of the university’s departments and sub-divisions;
  • Collection and provision of information on international cooperation opportunities and activities;
  • Support academic schools and departments in establishing collaborative programmes with international partners and developing their international strategies;
  • Examination of international cooperation policy issues in education and science; and further organization of conferences, workshops and symposiums with representatives of foreign academic, scientific and cultural institutions.
Department of projects and agreements 
  • Advice and organizational assistance of the University departments and faculty in the preparation and implementation of projects and contracts.
  • Search and dissemination of information on proposals for possible cooperation with foreign organizations - donors, as well as educational institutions, research institutions, foundations.
  • The collection, classification, analysis and storage of information on the activities of the departments of the Office of International Relations KRSU and other departments of the university for the implementation of projects and contracts.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of reference of contracts, projects and other international activities KRSU.
  • Formation of a database of project and contract activities of the University, the partner organizations involved in the implementation of joint projects and contracts.
  • Organization of meetings and negotiations of foreign delegations and representatives of international organizations with the heads of departments, senior staff of the University engaged in the conduct of projects and contracts
  • Promote to increase participation in the international activities of the teaching staff, the organization of exchange of scientific, pedagogical, scientific staff and students KRSU.
  • Providing information and advice to foreign universities and other organizations willing to cooperate with KRSU.
  • Consultation for office staff seminars and training sessions, teachers and students for technology projects and writing contracts and preparing reports on their implementation.
  • To promote international recognition of diplomas issued by the other International Universities 
Department of International Student and Scholar Services:
  • Providing information and counseling services on KRSU’s educational system and courses offered for foreign prospective students;
  • Providing counseling and technical services for international students and scholars in dealing with organizational, academic and social challenges of studying at KRSU, while providing the appropriate academic guidance and regulatory information;
  • Organizing the University's International Orientation Programmes, compile the International Student Handbook and coordinate events for students and students with families;
  • Offering practical assistance with matters such as housing accommodations, setting up a bank account, transportation information and culture shock information;
  • Arranging extracurricular field trips and promoting community interaction; presenting international campus forums and periodic workshops on issues affecting the international student population; and supporting the activities of international student clubs;
  • Providing assistance for embassies and consulates of foreign countries by providing them with information on foreign students and scholars studying and working at KRSU.


Passports and Visas Department


  • Providing visa and immigration advice and services for all exchange and visiting students as well as research visitors who come to study at KRSU through the university’s acting bilateral agreements with foreign educational institutions;
  • Maintaining a records of foreign students and scholars ; and monitoring their visa-immigration status to ensure their compliance with the Kyrgyz laws and regulations;
  • Providing information and counseling services for all foreign students, scholars and research visitors on studying and living in Kyrgyzstan.


Notes for International Students




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