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Publishing House

Тарасова Лариса Всеволодовна

Honoured Worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic


Larisa Vsevolodovna Tarasova


44 Kiev Street, Room No. 020

Bishkek,720000, Kyrgyz Republic

Tel: +996312 432908
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Editorial Review Board (ERB), founded in 1995, is the printing and publishing house of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University. It is an integral part of the University and is devoted constitutionally to printing and publishing for "the acquisition, advancement, conservation, and dissemination of knowledge» in all fields of activity of the university. Over its 17 years of existence, the ERB has extended the research and teaching activities of the University by making available through its printing and publishing a remarkable range of academic and educational books and journals.

The ERB consists of two sections, namely:
  • Section for Science, Technology and Medical Studies
  • Section for Socio-Economic and Humanities Studies

The publishing house consists of the following departments:
  • editorial department
  • production department (printing)

These departments provide a full manufacturing cycle, beginning with a manuscript, and then preparing the final edition and finally the realization. The publishing house is an integral part of the scientific and educational process of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University and endeavors to fully satisfy the university’s needs for books and printing products.

Staff members

  • Irina Viktorovna Verchenko – Emendator (corrector)
  • Irina Serfimovna Voloskova – Editor
  • Raisa Ilinichina Kamarli – Leading Special Correspondent
  • Galina Nikoloyaevna Kirla – Designer
  • Lutsia Abdrashitovna Kuzicheva – Executive Secretary
  • Eugenia Mikhailovna Kuzicheva – Head of the Productions Department
  • Olga Alexandrovna Startseva – Editor
  • Lidia Mikhailovna Strelnikova – Editor
  • Madina Ravilievna Fazlyeva – Designer
  • Anna Sergeyevna Shelestova – Designer


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