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School of Postgraduate Studies (PhD and Doctoral Studies)

Tatiana Fedoseevna Chernous

School of Postgraduate Studies (PhD and Doctoral Studies)
Head, Candidate of Historical Sciences


Tatiana Fedoseevna Chernous


44 Kiev Street, Office # 115, Bishkek

720000, Kyrgyz Republic

Phone: +996 312 431181
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The school of postgraduate studies of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University was founded in 1994 to foster and manage postgraduate training and research by the University units by promoting quality and development impact oriented research, publication and dissemination of knowledge and innovations to meet the changing needs of society for sustainable development.
At present, the school offers most comprehensive and complete list of specialties of both PhD (rus. Kandidat Nauk diploma) and Doctoral (Doktor Nauk diploma) degree programmes:
  • Doctoral degree programmes are available in 15 specialties of 7 academic areas;
  • PhD degree programmes - in 73 specialties of 13 academic areas.
The school of postgraduate studies helps to set guidelines and regulations for research postgraduate education, and it implements policies on admissions, academic progress, examinations, and quality assurance in respect of training for research students. In this respect, annually, the school  arranges a series of preparation workshops for its postgraduate students to enable them to develop their capabilities to conduct independent research, to transfer knowledge at the forefront of an academic discipline, with the ultimate goal of grooming them to be academic/research leaders of tomorrow in the region and around the world, and providing them with the experience and discipline of research to work in their chosen industrial/commercial fields where their training and talents can be a benefit.

There are 15 specialized dissertation councils for defending doctoral and PhD degrees.


Staff Members

Olga Georgievna Loginova – leading specialist

Scientific potential


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