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Information for international applicants

International students at KRSU: entrance requirements 

Admission of international applicants into the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University is based on special  admission procedure, which is defined by the Admission Board of KRSU. 

The academic year at KRSU  starts on September 1 and ends approx. on June 30. Duration of studies: Bachelor’s degree programmes – 4 years, Master’s degree programmes – 2 years, PhD studies – 3 years. All KRSU faculties have full-time study programmes. Postgraduate studies (PhD and Doctorate Studies) may be completed both by full-time and correspondence students. All courses are taught in Russian. Admission is based on the results of the entrance examinations and other programme related admission requirements.

Entrance requirements 

To get access to the main entrance examinations, the candidate should submit to the KRSU Admission Board the following documents: 


  •  Letter of application to the Rector of KRSU;
  • Application Form;
  • Copy of passport;
  •  Notarized translation of passport into Russian;
  • Copy of recent visa;
  • Copy of residence permit;
  • Copies of complete secondary education (high school) certificate or a certificate of higher professional education with transcript (Applicants with transcripts and official documents not issued in Russian need to provide certified translations into Russian);

       For Bachelor’s degree (BSc/BA): certificate of secondary (high school) education
      For Master’s degree (MSc/ MA): a Bachelor’s degree diploma or a Specialist diploma
     For PhD programmes: a Master’s degree diploma or a Specialist diploma


  • Certificate of equivalency establishment of the provided documents of education to the corresponding state documents of education in Kyrgyz Republic (issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of KR);
  • Certificate of Language Proficiency in Russian;
  • Medical certificate verifying the absence of contagious diseases including AIDS;
  • 8 photos of 3x4sm.

The application package should be submitted to the Admission Board: 


  • for Master's degree programmes: from June 20 until July 21, 2017
  • for Bachelor's degree programmes: from June 20 to August 3, 2017
  • for PhD degree programmes: from September 1 to September 20. 2017



All international applicants who have successfully passed the required entrance exams and admission interviews are to be admitted into the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University on a fee-paying basis.


If you are interested in the curriculum of a particular programme of study, please use the websites of the faculties. Further information may be requested either from the International Relations Office or from the faculty you are applying to.



Important Notice: Who needs a visa?


In view of the bilateral agreements, the Nationals of the following countries may enter and stay in Kyrgyzstan on a valid national passport without a visa for an unlimited period of time:


  1. Azerbaijan
  2. Armenia
  3. Georgia
  4. Moldova
  5. Republic of Belarus
  6. Republic of Kazakhstan
  7. Russian Federation
  8. Vietnam
  9. Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  10. Cuba
  11. Japan 


In view of the bilateral agreements, the nationals of the following countries can enter Kyrgyzstan visa-free: 


  1. Malaysia (for up to 30 days)
  2. Turkey (for up to 30 days)
  3. Ukraine (for up to 60 days)
  4. Uzbekistan (for up to 60 days)
  5. Mongolia (for up to 90 days)



 Also, starting from 29th of July 2012 the Kyrgyz Republic has up to 60-days visa-free regime for citizens of 44 countries listed below. The visa is needed if the period of staying in Kyrgyzstan is more than 60 days.


1. Australia
2. Austria
3. Belgium
4. Bosnia and Herzegovina
5. Vatican
6. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
7. Hungary
8. Germany
9. Netherlands
10. Greece
11. Denmark
12. Iceland
13. Ireland
14. Spain
15. Italy
16. Canada
17. Republic of Korea
18. Kuwait
19. Latvia
20. Lithuania
21. Liechtenstein
22. Malta
23. Luxembourg
24. Monaco
25. New Zealand
26. Norway
27. United Arab Emirates
28. Poland
29. Portugal
30. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
31. Singapore
32. Slovakia
33. Slovenia
34. United States of America
35. Finland
36. France
37. Croatia
38. Czech Republic
39. Switzerland
40. Sweden
41. Estonia
42. Qatar
43. Brunei
44. Bahrain




Please contact us if you have any further Admission queries.


International Relations Office

44 Kiev Street, Office 213
Bishkek 720000, Kyrgyz Republic
Phone: +996-312 43-11-78
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 For information about the University's courses visit the courses and units website.



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